New ARC website launches

Red Cloud is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the Australasian Registrars Committee (ARC). The ARC is a non-profit professional association of those responsible for, or interested in, the management of cultural heritage collections.

With around 500 members across Australia and New Zealand, the Committee needed to renew an out-dated website which no longer met its needs.

The target audience for the website are Registrars, Assistant Registrars, Registration Assistants and those performing registration functions in Art Galleries, Museums and other cultural institutions in Australian and New Zealand.

ARC’s main objectives

ARC’s previous website solution required a heavy amount of manual processing of payments and also member database maintenance. Therefor reducing the manual admin hours with the help of an online CRM systems was naturally high on the list.

The look and feel of the site needed to be updated to be more inline with their print journal and other branded collateral. Featuring the members of the ARC community themselves along with offering the members more online content was also a major part of the ARC objectives. Other additions such as richer content including media galleries, news content and the improvement of the site’s navigation and search functionality were all designed with a view to increase user engagement.

The outcome

The ARC site now offers auto-renewed ARC memberships online along with event registration and payment plus the ability for members to access their payment history. Members can now also update their own personal details while being able to search and browse for other members via the secure member area. This has relieved ARC of many hours of manual processing and updating of their database.

Instead of housing journal and conference articles in PDF format, articles can now be uploaded along with accompanying images, author details and social media sharing. This will in time improve not only the user experience but also the sites SEO results.

Latest news can now be easily uploaded with a snippet featured on the home page along with the content also now featured in the new site including cool buys, recourses, standards and forms.

Much of the new site can now be monitored and controlled by ARC board members giving control back to the client and allowing them to make timely updates without relying on development time or costs.

Developed with the help of the amazing folks at Pretty, the site will undergo continued work to improve the experience for all of the ARC community and board members alike.

Nicole Watts
Nicole is our co-founder and digital strategist. A qualified Graphic Designer she started her professional life producing magazines and print marketing. Nicole is now immersed in the world of web, providing professional services with digital solutions to escape low-value clients. Always keen to learn more she relishes the prospect of leveraging new trends in SEO, content strategy and automation for client’s success.

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