Why you need that call-to-action on your website

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If your visitors can’t get no satisfaction from your site, you probably need a better call-to-action!

When it comes to guiding your site visitors to a desired course of action, the call-to-action or CTA button is your customer’s best friend). You know – those little buttons that say BUY NOW, SIGN UP, CONTACT US – but also, more broadly, menu items and basically any opportunity for your website visitors to click and therefore engage with your site.

Ideally placed or worded, these humble little buttons and phrases represent the pulling power of your site, screaming ‘click me’ in a way that your number #1 client finds completely irresistible.

At least, that’s how it should be. Because including clear and obvious calls-to-action is one of the best ways you can guide your audience to take the action you’d like them to take. That might be buying a product, making an appointment, inquiring about a service, signing up for a newsletter or downloading our free guide.

Remove the barriers

So, get out the magnifying glass and take a long, hard squint at your site through the eyes of your number #1 client. Is it accessible? Can they quickly find what they need? Is it easy for them to do what you need them to do? If not – what are the barriers to your number #1 client purchasing or signing-up? If you identify any barriers, do what you can to remove them. It’s up to you as a business to make it easy for your customers to take the actions you want them to take on your site.

All this may sound screamingly obvious but you’d be surprised how many sites don’t have either a sufficient number of CTAs, or clear CTAs. CTAs should feature frequently and prominently on your site – and they don’t have to be pushy or in-your-face (or your visitor’s face, to be precise). It does help though to use words like YOU, FREE, BONUS, NEW, and INSTANTLY.

These are some of the top-rated words for effective CTAs because they signal that the user doesn’t have to make a commitment or spend any money (FREE, BONUS); they create a sense of urgency (INSTANTLY, NEW); and they offer value or benefits to the person clicking them (YOU, FREE, BONUS, INSTANTLY).

Set yourself apart

There is an emerging school of thought that some of the more ubiquitous CTAs like BUY NOW and SIGN UP are becoming less effective due to their wide adoption. So it is worth using something a little different if you can – GIMME THAT, ENTER NOW AND WIN, GET STARTED. If your brand warrants a little fun, you can be playful, too: UNLEASH YOUR INNER HERO, LAUNCH ME, YES – TAKE ME THERE!

Other, more subtle, ways to include CTAs and increase client engagement with your site include making sure it’s easy for people to get in touch using your contact page. Place your contact details and social media buttons prominently on your home page. It’s also important to include CTAs in the header and footer of your site.

The bottom line

Getting clear on your ideal client and taking the time to ensure your site has adequate and effective CTAs that guide them to the desired action will reap results in the form of more client or customer interaction and increased leads. And let’s face it – this is why most of us are in business!

And while we’re on the topic of CTAs, here’s ours:

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