Ever thought of doing your resume as an infographic?

It's a new year and for some, time to review where you're at with your job and career. Part of that review process may end with a decision to look for a new job. Deciding to change jobs inevitably leads to dusting off the resume and presenting your 'best self'.

But how do you stand out as an applicant when it really matters? As an alternative to a standard text-based resume, have you considered an infographic or image-based resume?

It's no secret that we Red Clouders love infographics. They consolidate dense, content-rich information into easy-to-read visuals that grab a reader's attention. They can also be shared easily via social media and email, and, when applied to job applications, they can demonstrate your ability to present your skills and attributes in a different way.

It may not be appropriate for every role and every occupation, but an infographic resume can help you stand out from the crowd and while not guarantee you the job of your dreams, it may get you further down the application process than a standard text-based resume.

You can get your cv custom designed (by us!) or you can try purchasing (or using a free) template and have a go yourself. Happy job hunting!