Google is now playing favourites - is your website a winner or a loser?

As of April 21st, Google started rewarding websites that are mobile friendly in their search returns, that is, sites that are either fully responsive or serve up a mobile friendly version will be ranked above those that are not.

How can I tell if my website is responsive or mobile friendly?

The most reliable way is to use a website like Design Checker to see how your site renders across the various devices. To be 100% sure you should also visit Google’s mobile friendly page to test your site. If your website fails the Google test, you will need to address your website's shortcomings.

If I don’t have a mobile friendly site what do I do about it?

Well firstly, don't panic, you’re in great company. Large companies like Coca Cola, BHP Billiton, Dominos Pizza and Pepsi all still have non-mobile friendly websites. The main thing to do is to review the potential likelihood of a lower ranking and the impact it will have on your business. Probably your single biggest question is how heavily do you rely on your Google ranking for your business? Do you have competitors that do have mobile friendly sites? Will a reduced ranking impact your bottom line or give your (mobile friendly) competitors an edge? A thorough review of your online business activity will help you decide, but in most cases, we expect the outcome will be the need for mobile friendly design.

Most existing websites can be adjusted to be mobile friendly and while not always an overnight process it will enhance your users’ experience on your website (and you may just improve your ROI on your website).

And, for those considering a new or re-designed website, check with your developer and design team that you are building a site that is either fully responsive or mobile friendly. You will inevitably spend more money at a later point to do so.

While some don't approve of Google's tactics to make the web a mobile friendly place there is no doubt this change is here to stay, so if you need assistance or have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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