Holiday musings about good (and free!) design ideas

So I've just returned from my annual summer holidays and during my holiday I came across this website which details so many great designs for tiny house living. While there are numerous sites that describe how to build your dream 'tiny' house, this one gives away all the designs for free. You gotta love that!

With a growing family and the need for a quiet, peaceful place to work I have been looking around for something self-contained that did not involve full-blown renovations but offered a few little luxuries like a stove top and a small bathroom. Oh and to be more useful, it needs to be able to sleep overflow visitors when necessary.

What I love about this website is the free-sharing of all her plans, from the dwelling itself to all the components inside. I might just give it a try...

It's not every day you get something for nothing so check out the site and all the goodies for yourself.