The most important question to ask your developer before starting a web build

Getting quotes for a new website build project is no easy task, and sometimes it can be almost impossible to compare quotes between suppliers.

So if you can't get an understanding about what you're getting from your proposed web team, what can you do to feel more comfortable in signing off on a service provider?

The question to ask your web team or developer is "How much, on average, do their current clients pay ongoing in fees and charges after the site has gone live?"

The answer to this question should give you an idea of what you're getting for your money on the initial web build. All developers, designers and agencies have set costs to build a website, these are non-negotiable and part of their business operations. Some charge a substantial amount upfront with very little ongoing fees, some charge very little at the beginning but lock clients into substantial fees ongoing - with limited ability to cease a working relationship and move to another provider, eg by using a "closed" content management system (CMS).  

See our Insight article on why we use an open source CMS.

Either option is fine, as long as you understand what you signing up for and the cost implications, and your ability to move between suppliers when you want (or need) to.

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