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Do your clients LOVE your content? No? Then lucky for you we’ve put together some tips for creating engaging content that will actually get shared.

If you ask people why they share content on social media, most would probably say: ‘Because it’s entertaining or useful.’

Think about what pops up in your social media feed and chances are there’s a fair whack of humour, nostalgia, inspiration and education/information. Depending on the circles you move in it’s probably safe to say you’ll also see a few risqué or shock-value posts, and a fair dose of cute fluffy stuff (like we said, it really depends on your friendship circles!).

If you dive into the psychology behind social media sharing, you’ll learn that it’s our basic human desires that are the driving force behind our decisions to share content – our need to be heard, our need to be understood, our need to matter. Therefore it makes sense that most social media sharing comes down to two things: validation and self-expression.

But when it comes to creating shareable content, the main thing to understand is this – people will share content that makes them appear the way they want to be perceived.

If we want to look smart, we will share intellectual content. If we want to look witty, we will share humorous content. If we have a cause we believe in, like animal welfare or the environment, then we’ll share content along those lines, because it makes us look socially responsible.

The way to turn this to your advantage as a business is to picture your number #1 client, and imagine what sort of posts appear on their social media pages. (Learn more about profiling your number #1 client here). If your number one client is a real person, rather than a persona, then you may be able to actually look at their page, as opposed to imagining it. So much the better!

Once you’ve got a feel for what inspires and motivates your number #1 client, it’s time to brainstorm some ways your business can play a part in that mix. Ask questions like: How can my business support or affirm my number #1 client’s beliefs, ambitions and opinions? What content can my business provide that that would make our ideal client look smart/witty/cool/socially responsible/ #insert appropriate adjective here?

What is it your business’ number #1 client needs, wants, or has a problem with? How can your business help to provide the solution?

Does your number #1 client like a giveaway? Re-post other, relevant giveaways that are a good match for your client, or – better still – create your own. Offer a discount, or free product or subscription, or free valuation or consultation, or – whatever works with your business model. Does your business support a charity? Do you know of some research that’s relevant or could help improve your number #1 client’s business or performance? Then create content around that.

If you’ve read our blog about creating good Calls to Action on your website (link), you might have created some useful tools for your audience, like this handy free website improvement guide. If you have ­– these should be perfect for sharing on social media and engaging your audience.

Ensuring the content you create or share is USEFUL to your number #1 client has a whole host of other benefits, too, including potentially improving your search engine rankings. Useful content is among the most often shared, and this is because it makes the sharer look considerate and helpful.

The bottom line

Creating awesome content that your number #1 client loves enough to share is one of the best things you can do to improve the performance of your website. You can do this by getting to know your number #1 client – their real needs, and how they want to be perceived – and creating content that’s both useful to them and consistent with content they already share.

To learn about some of the other easy steps you can take to improve your website’s performance, download Red Cloud’s free guide.

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