Getting clear on your brand

We work with businesses to build brand stories that attract high-value clients.

Here’s how we do it.

1. Identifying the high-value client

The first step we take is to identify your high-value client. By understanding who this character is and what they want we can write a brand story to match.

2. Exploring their problem

The next step is to start to explore what the main challenges are for the high-value client. We break this down into four parts; the villain, the internal problem, the external problem and philosophical problem. The villain represents a problem the high-value client may face. eg; “My sales pipeline is so unpredictable”. We then look at how that manifests externally; “My incoming projects seems to come in clumps”. We then looks at the internal manifestation; “I feel overwhelmed by my busy times”. Lastly we identify the philosophical effect of this challenge; “Your time shouldn’t be taken up managing your sales process”.

3. Introduce yourself as the guide

Positioning yourself as the guide puts you in a unique position. It places you as the brand with the empathy to understand the problem and also the authority to solve it. This pairing creates a powerful combination separating you from the competition.

4. Create a plan

Make a compelling sales argument by demonstrating how your service solves the high-value client’s problem. Include an agreement of what your brand will do for this client as a way to build trust.

5. Call them to take action