Our three-step process helping professional services escape low-value clients

We know that finding the right clients is the difference between a happy, healthy business and professional uncertainty. Which is why we developed our 3-steps to help professional services attract better clients and more of them.

1. Be clear

Developing a clear and compelling brand message is your first step in escaping low-value clients. Here’s how we do it.

Identify your ideal client

The first step in escaping the low-value client is to identify your high-value client. By understanding who this character is and what problem they are trying to solve, we’re able to create a unique brand message for your business.

Explore their problems

The next step is to explore and understand the problems your high-value clients face. The ones that rouse them at 3am are the most powerful. The more deeply you understand the issues of your client’s business, the more your audience will relate with your brand.

Be the guide

Present your business as the guide and put your brand in a unique position. Position your brand as empathetic and understanding of the problem, and also with authority to solve it. This will create a powerful combination lifting you above the competition.

Show them a plan

Make a compelling sales argument by demonstrating your plan to solve the high-value client’s problem. Include an agreement of what your brand will do for this client as a way to build trust.

Make a call to action

Your brand can be the entity that calls out to those looking for change. Whether it’s through data, FOMO or other techniques, convince your audience to take action .

2. Go premium

How you present your services online directly relates to what value client’s put on your services. We’ll help present value up-front, removing sales barriers and positioning your brand as premium.

Get a better website than the Jones

There are dozens of elements that go into producing a website that reflects a premium quality brand. We make sure all of those elements are captured. We’ll create a great looking website that’s fast loading, Google-friendly, easy to edit and secure.

Drive better traffic

It takes an average of eight to ten points of contact for someone to take the first step with a client. We’ll help you automate this nurturing process, qualifying your leads throughout.

No more neglected websites

Keep your website online, secure and working hard to build your business. Our web care packages ensure the on-going technical needs of your site are addressed. Get back to what you do best knowing we’re taking care of your web presence.

Get your social on

Harness the power of sharable content with our social media plans. No more wondering what to post, when to post and when to pay. We’ll take the mystery away and give your business the confidence and skills to post like a professional.

3. Shift up

Your services are unique and valuable. But does your audience know that? Make sure your expertise, authority and trustworthiness (EAT) signals are heard loud and clear. 

Google will love you, and so will your visitors.

Create high-value content

Content marketing is what savvy, professional services are already using right now. Cementing their value and E.A.T. 

Our content creation services work to build a foundation of information drawing the right clients to your site now and into the future.

Nurture your leads

A website with dated information won’t attract a premium audience. 

Our system keeps your website full of engaging content aimed directly at solving your ideal client’s problems. 

We’ll create content that keeps traffic coming back to your site long after it’s been posted.

Get those leads conversions

We can help convert your leads like a boss. 

Build offers that your audience can’t resist and position yourself as an industry expert at the same time. 

Automating your conversion will save time, money and build on-going revenue.

Delight and endure

Once you’ve created a client, make them a fan for life. Delight them with your service and watch them become your advocates. Create processes to capture feedback and testimonials. 

Love the one you’re with

In our search for new clients, we can overlook that current clients are the most valuable source of leads. 

Remarketing to your existing clients is an opportunity to create on-going value and build relationships that last.

Who is Red Cloud Digital?

Red Cloud is a digital marketing agency located in the inner west of Sydney. We work with service professionals up and down the east coast Australia.
Co-founders Carmen and Nicole Watts have more that 30 years combined experience in providing digital business solutions. We love helping those in the professional services industry thrive. Seeing our clients reach their goals is the reason we started our business.

Carmen Watts

Carmen is our co-founder and business development specialist. She brings her background in project management to Red Cloud Digital where she keeps client projects running smoothly, managing budgets and timelines. She also helps identify objectives for professional services and develop sustainable strategies to reach them.

Nicole Watts

Nicole is our co-founder and digital marketing strategist. A qualified Graphic Designer she started her professional life producing magazines and other print products. Nicole is now immersed in the world of web design and digital marketing, helping professional services escape low-value clients. Always keen to learn more she relishes the prospect of leveraging new trends in SEO, content strategy and automation for client's success.

Some techie information

We build secure, responsive WordPress websites for all devices. We build lead lists using Active Campaign. If you're interested to know more, that's great, we're always happy to talk more about all things techie.
If you have no care factor for how those things work, that's great too. We take care of all that complicated stuff for you.

Got questions? We're happy to answer them.

Visit our contact page to send any queries about how our process can help your service business escape low-value clients.

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